Work Towards Solutions by Doing What You Love: Agorism

We all wish wish we could use our work to shape the world around us and make it a better place.. especially by doing the things we are passionate about.

Well, I love to be the bearer of good news… because we can! Yes, thats a thing. It’s called agorism!

I want to talk about what agorism is, its inestimable manifestations, reasons why its such an empowering tool towards solutions, and a few examples of how it works.

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Healing Unconscious Demons for Conscious Solutions

Something we should be aware of in ourselves and in others: the upcoming forms of the human psyche expressing its inner turmoils in the outer world as we evolve, and how we can be proactive about the inestimable havoc it is already wreaking.

As humans continue to evolve consciousness, there are bound to be some profound changes in intellect. Along with the glory of humans developing amazing new insights and abilities, we will also see the darker sides come to the light: people’s inner turmoil and pain. This is especially true for the information kept in the unconscious.

Though this is not anything new, given the current variables of our world there are surely new effects to come of it. We should heed attention to this, in others and especially in ourselves, as people’s inner turmoils continue to grow and express themselves in new ways in the outer world.

For this reason, there is a call now more than ever for us to heed attention to our own mental health, our own neuroses, our own internal conflicts, and our own demons.

This has been the advice of many remarkable psychologists in the past, and it is relevant now more than ever as we continue to expand awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

The energy of the mind grows in extraordinary ways: a lot of power awaits us in the psyche. In the words of Carl Jung: “Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

We have all seen, in others or ourselves, the way inner turmoil can destroy us, the people around us, opportunities, peace, etc.

Let us make the effort to put the kind of work into ourselves we need and deserve, though it is challenging to the core.

I don’t mean this to be prophetic; it is something I just strongly feel as I observe the energy in motion around us. The problems in our world are reflections of individuals and their inner states: to work towards solutions in the outer world it truly starts with people healing and developing themselves on an internal level.

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious…. There is no coming to consciousness without pain.” – Carl Jung

An Invitation to Freedom

It has been said that actions speak louder than words.

In the economy, we know this to be true. There are many minds seeking to shape the world around them. The aspiration of a peaceful and efficient society is not lacking in humanity; it is the understanding of the MEANS towards this aspiration.

While many seek to shape the world around them for what they think is best, it is important they consider their means and ends. Some try navigating change through the government, usually to much futility. Some try changing the world through their ideas and arguments, often to some degree of success.

Yet, there is an alternative and often more effective way to spread an individual’s idea: action. For the way you “vote” with how you spend your money will always be more effective than how you cast your vote in a ballot. And how you spread an idea with your actions will always be more effective than by mere arguments alone. And what you create from an theory’s practice will always bear more fruit than a theory alone.

It is high time for people to consider effective means to achieve real models of their ideas, rather than mere arguments alone.

This is true as we try to spread individual freedom and liberty in an age where people subconsciously think the government is God. That being said, we must adopt innovative strategies for spreading not just the theory of freedom, but real FREEDOM. The key is using economics of course, a power we all posses.

Yet, this is a vital point that seems to be missing from many libertarian minds when considering the means of economic liberty which I would like to invite you to consider: the PRACTICE of the theory (agorism).

While the economic theory of the market is indeed an important part of the means, it needs applicable practice in the real world to demonstrate it’s true value. Ultimately, the free market will speak for the free market, better than the best economist/philosopher.

I present 3 main reasons of why we must introduce the practice as a strategy just as much as we need to introduce the theory.

The first reason I would like to draw upon is that many people are hands-on learners, and simply don’t want to learn about economics. It seems dreadful and irrelevant to them; they’re not interested. However, when they can SEE the free market at work, this is when they begin to understand. When they can see its effects and actually participate in it, this is when people actually want to learn the theory. It is through my practice of the free-market, agorism, that I have been able to build a community of anarchists where I live, not theory initially. People are hands-on learners, and need to experience a TRUE free-market (instead of the crony capitalism we live in)  before they are interested in using the theory.

The second reason is what the practice of the free market creates: believe it or not, economic freedom! It creates a free market, albeit an underground economy, that encourages voluntary cooperation among the people for mutual benefit, it creates peaceful and efficient alternatives to the state, it creates competition with the state, it creates independence for the people, it encourages entrepreneurship, it shows them (not just in theory, but in empirical evidence) the real works of the free-market, even if it must compete alongside a violent state for now. It creates a new economy with the free market, hence it creates an alternative, better system to the current state and encourages people to navigate the free-market.

The third reason is the effects the free-market produces on the State. Free-market action acts as the ultimate civil disobedience to a tyrannical state. It siphons power away from the State’s legitimacy by directing the economic energy elsewhere. In fact, between using alternative currencies, creating private (better) services, and dissolving the illusion of State being the supreme authority of man, it hits every critical pillar of the States power. It siphons away the both the human energy and monetary funding invested into the state, and directs it into a new system: an economy created by the people. There are reasons why the State cracks down on even the smallest acts of commerce: over time, the acts of many individuals has a large impact on the economy and hence our economic freedom.

It comes as a surprise to me that some people who spend so much time thinking and speaking about the empowerment of free-market theory, forget to recognize the markets power when its actually in ACTION, to create a free market. Perhaps they haven’t witnessed all of the underground activities that go on, that no matter how small, encourage and build economic freedom at a massive level.

For it is not some huge revolutionary act we need, and it is not an untouchable power keeping the evil at bay: it is the social cooperation of the actions of countless individuals that is the real say of society.

So while of course it is important to spread knowledge of the theory, this attempt is hardly effective without real appliance of the free-market in action. It is the free-market in action that will answer for itself, showing it as an effective mechanism of social cooperation. It is the free-market that will encourage the free-market, and it is the free-market that will out-compete the State.

OR, so through my view. I have seen a transformation just in the small town I live, in people making the move towards individual freedom and away from the State using their economic power. It is nearly the beginning of this movement, and efficient and peaceful private services already are appearing on the market that threaten the State’s legitimacy.

Despite the infighting, Libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, and agorists will agree the free market is the means to peaceful efficiency of the economy, and the epitome of social cooperation. So perhaps instead of trying to only use theory to debate, as a universal Libertarian theory could never exist, to include the practice to spread economic freedom. For is this not the goal of the free-market? To achieve a feedback system from that allows the ideas that satisfy the most to see profit, and the ones that satisfy the least to see loss?

With practice, different flavors of liberty can coexist and compete. This is the remarkable idea of startup societies (special economic zones, private cities, seasteads, etc) , which builds a market of governances.. that will likely one day out-compete State governance in being much more peaceful and efficient, satisfying more people than the current model of a coercive state. In fact, acting as a real model of an idea, rather than just an argument.

In the words of the Startup Society Foundation: “Don’t argue, build”.



Unconscious algorithms

Nature speaks on atomic levels.
There is a communication
we have consciously lost,
only to be gained
more than ever before.

There are reasons you do the things you do.

Speaking in codes of the unknown,
we enter the irrational.
We dig deep inside ourselves
to find the universe, without.

Happenings play and speak
like Beings.
Do you listen?

We stand at the doors of the unknown.
A new phase of our humanity.
You know of what I speak,
even if you do not.

Divine algorithms churning
through many dimensions.
Matter trembles, as we walk through
the walls of perception.


Quantum manifestation

The struggle of modern man realizing that he is one
a meta, fourth-wall breaking concept is, to me, quite fun.
The way a psychotic individual needs healing,
a collective organism of man is revealing.

Times will unfold, as we shall see
the liberation of physical humanity.
Structures of economics, politics, and religion
approached with a far more innovative vision.
What comes next: explosion of creativity unbound,
and this is when the new world is to be found:
quantum manifestation.


The Free College You Have Been Asking For

There is perhaps one thing we can all agree on: education is important.

What if free university classes were available to everyone, giving them access to the most prestigious schools in the country, academic-level resources, and the ability to network with fellow peers and professors?

In 2017, all of these things are possible. Free college-level classes exist in abundance and are only growing.

Watch my video for more information, or if you want to get straight to it check out the links below to a few databases of free online college classes!

Good luck and enjoy 🙂

Liberty Under Attack: Startup Societies, Seasteading, and Agorism

Hello All 🙂

I was recently invited to talk with Shane Radliff from Liberty Under Attack to talk about the future of startup societies, seasteading, and agorism! I had a great time speaking about some of my favorite topics on this podcast. You will find the link below.

Thank you for listening! Hope you enjoy and feedback is always appreciated.

Liberty Under Attack with Regan Keely


“Are private cities the future? Are floating, mobile cities the next logical step in the evolution of human freedom? What role does agorism play in their formation? What are some of the challenges involved with these two potential, interrelated strategies?

I set out to answer all of those questions and more in this interview with Regan Keely!”

The Paradox of Self-Denial

Of the infinite beliefs I entertain, there is but one conviction of reality I currently hold as a truth.
And that is: it is what it is.

Indeed it is what it is, because even if it isn’t.. then it is. It always has been, it always will be. Never will it not be what it is (or is not).

The nature of what is, is not for me to decide or even know.. though often in humble curiosity I do ponder its complexities.

Needing no expectations or attachment to what is, liberates me to explore the realms of spirit and earth quite freely.

Surrendering to what is; fully accepting the impermanence of all that is, is to lose yourself.
To lose yourself in this life is to find your Self,
because all is lost.
Yet, nothing is ever truly lost.
So to lose yourself, is to gain your Self.

Only when you realize you are a Being going nowhere, with nothing, do you begin to awaken to what is.

Remember existence?

Some call it the paradox of self-denial, some call it life after death: this universal experience of giving in to what is, entirely releasing the anxious grasp on your life, and realizing you can never truly surrender to the constant oscillations of life… only in that moment, to find your complete and utter surrender to it.

It is the paradox that only when the human can surrender to life, by realizing he cannot surrender, can the human truly live.

Only when the human can entirely vanquish this obsessive need to be in control of what is, with love, can the human actually have control over the Self.

However, it is power that permeates from the inside out; Being just as nature around us is innately: liberation.

One that attaches conjectures to what is, what ‘should be’, what is worst or best, what is good or bad, is one that is surely going to suffer.
A needless suffering, because to wish what is was not, is in vain.
One cannot change what it is, one rather must adjust to its accord.
But perhaps this struggle is not in vain,
for one must go through many lessons
that are found in the harsh class of it is what it is;
one must work hard
and feel hard,
to escape this inborn inclination of wanting
to be in control of the waves of the ocean
or the motion of terrestrial bodies.

Yet, there will never be control in what is
until one knows oneself.
Knowing the Self enough to again
recall the essence of fleeting existence,
the power of individual experience,
and indeed how perfect it all is.

River Life
So let us LIVE, and be grateful!

Infinite eyes


I am mesmerized
by the infinite eyes
of the subconscious.

Have you ever awakened
(quite literally)
to the impression
that eternity
resides within you?

Dreams and imagination
nature and self
speak in more than English.
Intuition wants to be heard,

Feelings, symbols,
numbers, sounds,
sensations, experience,
This is in how
she speaks.


Dissolving illusions

There is nothing like
kicking down a material wall
that you built yourself
long ago.

How simple it truly is.
Now, you have access to the void.
you float through space
quite untethered.

Fractals of illusions
are enough to excite you
for infinity.