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  1. Miss Keely,

    I had no idea you were so young; you seem wise beyond your years, at least to me since it’s taken me an embarrassingly long time to appreciate agorism. A friend of mine sent me one of your articles, and it was so unique that I decided to read everything you’ve blogged thus far and comment on each one. My favorites of yours are “AGORISM: Empower Yourself, Empower Others,” and “It is Time to Transcend Politics.” My legal research on various topics proves that the State is conducting lawfare against the citizenry (using its monopoly laws as a weapon of war; ergo, victimless crimes and political prisoners).

    I’ve only come to like private roads fairly recently when I finished my Extraconstitutional series, which was about the right to travel infringements here in Texas (driver licensure, vehicle registration, etc). Needless to say, “reforming” these grievances is not an option, because they are so far gone, and the Texas government is so hell bent on enforcing these laws that any notion of them getting appealed or ruled unconstitutional is just not gonna happen (although, I guess, there’s always the possibility of jury nullification, but I’m a cynic when it comes to its efficacy, just to be straight with you).

    As an agorist, you might like Gustave de Molinari’s The Production of Security; even as a minarchist, Molinari was all in favor of essentially privatizing the executive branch (in a manner of speaking; think private investigators and professional bouncers) – personally, I’m more interested in privatizing judicial functions (the ancient Irish tuath system looks promising, as they had no prisons or jails, but punishments were all in the form of restitution, what the Irish understood to be dealing with “honor-price”).

    One thing you may want to consider doing is making audio versions of your articles/blog posts. It’s something I’ve begun doing over the past year or so, and I must say, it is a good way to reach people who may be interested in a subject, but who don’t have the time or energy to read. There is a market demand for audio that can be listened to while commuting to work or exercising.

    Yours in Liberty,

    – Kyle Rearden


    1. Thank you so much, Kyle! I really appreciate your reading my blogs and your feedback. You have definitely given me food for thought in many different areas and I am grateful for that. Thanks for all the interesting references as well, I have some research to do 🙂 You are definitely right about creating audio versions and it is a goal of mine to start creating podcasts and videos alike. Nonetheless, I subscribed to your blog as well and look forward to what more I can learn. I am glad to connect with a fellow liberty lover!
      Regan Keely

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  2. Hi … Thank you for your great work. I wanted to read your article of PRIVATE CITIES … I clicked on the link on the right of your page. It goes to a site that is down … HELP!

    Best … DK


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