Work Towards Solutions by Doing What You Love: Agorism

We all wish wish we could use our work to shape the world around us and make it a better place.. especially by doing the things we are passionate about.

Well, I love to be the bearer of good news… because we can! Yes, thats a thing. It’s called agorism!

I want to talk about what agorism is, its inestimable manifestations, reasons why its such an empowering tool towards solutions, and a few examples of how it works.

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The Paradox of Self-Denial

Of the infinite beliefs I entertain, there is but one conviction of reality I currently hold as a truth.
And that is: it is what it is.

Indeed it is what it is, because even if it isn’t.. then it is. It always has been, it always will be. Never will it not be what it is (or is not).

The nature of what is, is not for me to decide or even know.. though often in humble curiosity I do ponder its complexities.

Needing no expectations or attachment to what is, liberates me to explore the realms of spirit and earth quite freely.

Surrendering to what is; fully accepting the impermanence of all that is, is to lose yourself.
To lose yourself in this life is to find your Self,
because all is lost.
Yet, nothing is ever truly lost.
So to lose yourself, is to gain your Self.

Only when you realize you are a Being going nowhere, with nothing, do you begin to awaken to what is.

Remember existence?

Some call it the paradox of self-denial, some call it life after death: this universal experience of giving in to what is, entirely releasing the anxious grasp on your life, and realizing you can never truly surrender to the constant oscillations of life… only in that moment, to find your complete and utter surrender to it.

It is the paradox that only when the human can surrender to life, by realizing he cannot surrender, can the human truly live.

Only when the human can entirely vanquish this obsessive need to be in control of what is, with love, can the human actually have control over the Self.

However, it is power that permeates from the inside out; Being just as nature around us is innately: liberation.

One that attaches conjectures to what is, what ‘should be’, what is worst or best, what is good or bad, is one that is surely going to suffer.
A needless suffering, because to wish what is was not, is in vain.
One cannot change what it is, one rather must adjust to its accord.
But perhaps this struggle is not in vain,
for one must go through many lessons
that are found in the harsh class of it is what it is;
one must work hard
and feel hard,
to escape this inborn inclination of wanting
to be in control of the waves of the ocean
or the motion of terrestrial bodies.

Yet, there will never be control in what is
until one knows oneself.
Knowing the Self enough to again
recall the essence of fleeting existence,
the power of individual experience,
and indeed how perfect it all is.

River Life
So let us LIVE, and be grateful!

Infinite eyes


I am mesmerized
by the infinite eyes
of the subconscious.

Have you ever awakened
(quite literally)
to the impression
that eternity
resides within you?

Dreams and imagination
nature and self
speak in more than English.
Intuition wants to be heard,

Feelings, symbols,
numbers, sounds,
sensations, experience,
This is in how
she speaks.


Dissolving illusions

There is nothing like
kicking down a material wall
that you built yourself
long ago.

How simple it truly is.
Now, you have access to the void.
you float through space
quite untethered.

Fractals of illusions
are enough to excite you
for infinity.

Exciting News: I Will be Joining the Conscious Resistance Team!

Hello everyone!

It is with much excitement and gratitude to announce I will be collaborating with the Conscious Resistance Network!

Watch the video for all the information on my goals towards presenting conscious content towards individual and worldly solutions. I plan on making a video every week, in addition to articles and essays on the website.

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I shall never be confined
by the cultural limits
of love.

Love is not possessive
Love does not hurry
Love permeates
the connections
of those who look
and see Themselves.

Love is unconditional
and cannot be defined
or refined
for long.

Love is
Being with.


Manifesting in the realm of here;
a radical way of operating with no fear.
Tune in with a Source that permeates
all that creates.
You will find that reality
is simply an illusion
and its malleability
gives us infusion
of powerful ascension
to higher dimensions.


Subtle shifts

The so-called curse
of curiosity
causes me to see
subtle shifts
in my energy.

Drawing connections
some of this dimension,
others of a much
different interface.

We are the pioneers;
we are the explorers
of new worlds.

We face bravely
realms that are seldom seen
in everyday life.

The possibilities that await
are truly endless.
I see a day when we are no longer
confined to the third dimension.

Space and time are
too malleable to
occupy forever.
As life flows,
we learn how to ascend
to the places where
gardens of higher
vibrations grow.

The Achilles Heel of Government

It is interesting to think about how WEAK a government is.

There is an illusion that government is a strong force; that it is so mighty and powerful it cannot be reckoned with. Many believe that there is no way to beat it, it is what it is, and we are subjects who can only hope, vote, and pray that it improves.

The government is indeed a strong force, not because it is inherently so, but because we give so much of our energy to this system on a conscious and subconscious level.

I want to make a point of how actually FRAGILE and WEAK the State is, despite their illusion of limitless power. The State is so weak that it is completely dependent on the dumbing down of its subjects. It is so fragile that it relies on annihilating freedom, thwarting creativity, and operates solely on the use of FORCE to exist. The state is petrified of its citizens.

An extreme case, for example, is North Korea. A state that is so afraid of its people that it limits the very kind of haircuts they are allowed to have. It is so frightened of what humans are capable of that it severs any type of art, independence, self-expression, and freedom from ever even registering into the minds of its citizens. It THRIVES on fear, because without fear it is NOTHING.

That being said, it isn’t hard to bend and break the system (or better, build anew) just by cultivating the very things it tries to suppress. It doesn’t necessarily take a revolutionary. It takes thriving individuals who are brave enough to BE FREE, to create, to seek independence, to better themselves, to unplug from the cultural engineering and be authentic. The greatest rebellion is perhaps to let go of this paralyzing fear.

In this age of internet, everything is decentralizing, balkanizing, fractaling out into complex arrays on its own. From media to education, these new tools give individuals more variety and power to be independent in their choices. The violence and destruction the government perpetuates is only a catalyst to this inevitable decentralization. Power WANTS to be decentralized; it’s as if the Ring of Power WANTS to be cast into the fire of Mordor, even if the elitists resist it like little Gollums. It is that time, with the vast potential of conscious evolution on the horizon, for governments to be very, very threatened.

All of the power the government has is because people voluntarily give their energy to this system, even if it is through involuntary acts and manipulation. It is important to be very conscious of how you are spending your energy… particularly at this point in time, as it is worth so much. Rather than wasting your time fighting the old (or entertaining it at all), build the NEW. The government is only as strong as the belief in its strength as legitimate authority by the people. It is very feeble because it is dependent on the citizen’s fear and ignorance (hence, why it perpetuates these qualities so much).

Being the best person you can be as an individual is perhaps the most frightening revolt against the government, even more frightening than the tax revolt. As much as the government needs and expects your money to fund their institution, more than anything it depends on your fear and obedience to give it its power.

I am amazed at how powerful the individual is, especially when they can come together to collaborate. How wonderful it is that best thing you can do for yourself as an individual and the collective alike is to let go of fear and begin cultivating consciousness.

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