Deprogramming From Parasitic Manipulation Discussing the significance of re-claiming our sovereignty as conscious creators in this world; not just deprogramming from deeply-embedded conditioning that makes us weak but also creating new pathways of consciousness by our own free will.   For more: Steemit: Latest Project: https://transformingthedarkness.wordp... Minds: Full Article:


Healing is Voltage

How repressed emotions effect you from observations in physics, psychology, and spirituality.

Transforming The Darkness

How repressed emotions influence our health through observations in quantum physics, psychology, and spirituality.

Atomic Healing

As chronic illness, physical and psychological, effect the lives of an increasing many, it seems imperative that we understand effective methods of healing. Medicine is an very complicated field, particularly psychological medicine, and like most mainstream fields at this time, it is overcrowded with half-baked solutions that tend to do more harm than good.

It doesn’t take a doctor to notice the patterns of ineffective medical practices or the dangers of bad incentives in the pharmaceutical industry. It merely takes the common experience of having to go to a doctor, being overcharged, and often being unsatisfied with the service and overall results of the medical industry. Due to the bureaucratic processes of medicine, the United States is years if not decades behind in equipment, internal medicine, and research.

While in some cases it may…

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the sun

another day another excessive coffee binge of trying to reach the heights I feel in the distance.   nature insists: let it happen. yet, my excitement is hot coals and lavender fields.   always living paradoxically, you think I'd be used to it.    

The Gravity of an Individual

Prospects of Freedom This is an article for those out there that are seeking solutions. This is for people who, in whatever their interest or field may be, are looking to solve their own piece of the puzzle of humanity. Whether it be social, political, economic, psychological, spiritual, or so on, those that despite the…

Dealing with demons

Truth is, the demons will teach you things that the angels never could. The fear, the anxiety, the depression, the anger they cast within you is a teacher. In this life, one has to attain things they never knew they could contain. In the realm of the mind, the reality of demons is very real;…