Greetings beloved beings of near and far lands.
I always tend to write poems in threes, and I felt called to share them with you all.
Heart transmissions to nourish.
Hope they resonate with you in these ever accelerating times.
Much love.

Invoking the highest truth

Learning through
cycles of creation.

What a joy it is-
clarification processes of
heart’s true desires.

Wholeness, harmony, joy-
Blessings abound.
New stories to be told.

A story of a Being
far, far away
right here, right now.

I’ve crawled, I’ve climbed, I’ve walked, I’ve ran
only to arrive
right here, right now.

I am seeing new visions-
I tell you.

A new timeline, a new world.
Right here, right now.

It was not the outside that changed,
but the inside
that has transformed the entire picture.

My soul constantly tells me:

consciousness must precede
physical manifestation.

A wise man once said:
We hover above,
while giving the illusion
of scurrying below.

I am building a bridge.

I conjure
the energetic kingdom within
so that I may bring it
into physicality.

Incarnating. Grounding. Actualizing
in a matrix-

There are universal laws
older than I.

Were they lost? Forgotten? Stolen?

But that is okay-
all is as it should be.

The joy of the sleep is the awakening.

The remembering and then knowing
God is the highest love-
that comes through
to nourish glory upon
illusions of separation.

A journey. A process. A ritual-
all is ONE.


There is a peace
within me
that never dies.

My heart only seeks
to align with this peace
as an incarnated Citizen of Earth.

It is the core
of every desire.
And it is already here

The matrix has trained me
to look back for it,
to find it,
to seek it out,
to struggle with it,
to run towards it so that
I may never let go of it again.

Yet it speaks to me aloud any time.
In the highest and in the lowest.
just the same.

It says to me-
I am here now, beloved.

I have it always- it has been gifted to me
by the creator
so that no thing could ever
rob me of it-
only I can choose to
not see it- and not let this light
shine through me
it shines on me forever.

For it is actually who I am-
in eternal understanding
that I AM I.

It is a cup that never runs dry.
It is eternal rushing waterfalls-
time bows to it,
space makes way for it.

It is an awakening-
the music of

All is as it should be

Spirit always says-
I love you! I am here. We are here.
We are you.

There is a perfect process to everything that is.
There is no permanent regression.
Only fears of such.
Let them go- they are merely
shadows of the past.

For you are a creator-
you create what you want.
What you focus upon shall become.

It is your free will. IT is your God-given right.

Let no doubt hold you back from
coming to Earth
to do what you came to do.

Learn the Universal Laws, children of Earth.
The kingdom is here- and it only awaits for
the children of free will to align
with divine will
to make manifest
all hearts desires.
Fear not,
it is truth dear one.

A process of
“illuminating” (words fail)
the universe of God
in a new way
that has never been done before.

Yes, Children of Earth-
you are here to pass the torch.
Of God-Force energy
creating and expanding love
as universal code.

When you keep the awareness of light
shining through you in each present moment
Amazing things happen
Children of Earth.

Do you see now?

All you need is within you.

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