Prospects of Freedom

This is an article for those out there that are seeking solutions. This is for people who, in whatever their interest or field may be, are looking to solve their own piece of the puzzle of humanity. Whether it be social, political, economic, psychological, spiritual, or so on, those that despite the chaotic confusion are devoted to seeing the big picture and using their individual power to lighten the burden of humanity, if only a little.

This is relevant to both the economic side and the philosophical side of such a venture. This is an affirmation that what we are creating here is real and meaningful. The seeking to bring light to our fellow species is archaic. This also serves as a reminder that this work, though challenging, is surely worthwhile.

In my current understanding, it is clear that the state of the collective of humanity comes down to the integrity of the individual. It is logically observable that economics is the sum of all individual human action. This is a purely rational line of thinking, but what precedes human action? The collective condition of humanity traces back to the individual, which traces down to the most mysterious: the minds and hearts of the individuals.

This is where the question begins to fragment from positivist, tangible logic into many conscious and unconscious forces of man. This is an area of particular interest to me, as I believe this knowledge could empower those who wish to create a positive effect on the world around them by being aware of a grander scope of variables.

Perhaps it could be of help, in trying to evolve, to dig deeper in these economic chains of action into the energetic chains of thought/emotion which directly influence all action. Though inconceivably complicated, it seems impossible to deny the importance of considering the role of human consciousness in such massive worldly structures. Especially now, as we hurl into the technological age of information in which rapid psychological shifts are happening at an accelerating rate.

A vital question of our time is: how can we all individually cooperate with each other to try to promote forms of governance that operate on voluntary agreement rather than current state models which rely on force and violence? This is certainly not a simple problem to solve when the minds and the hearts of humanity are so consumed in resentment, insecurity, and confusion.

Of course, this resentment is not without reason. Besides the personal conflicts that we all have, there is the mass brainwashing and degenerating of our entire race by people that seek to control and dominate the world. Though this is rather apparent and seems acceptable even to most average citizen in 2018, it still is not an easy truth to fully realize the damage, let alone integrate solutions around. But, it is essential. We cannot overlook the damage the State has wreaked upon the minds of humanity when it comes to the collective perception of reality which even now, as mainstream media loses popularity at a stunning rate, they are rapidly working to program into every psyche.

The authorities of the State have instilled a grand illusion in the collective and individual perception of reality. They have made the world they wanted to be real by manipulating people to believe it is real. They have harnessed not just the economic actions of men through laws and regulations but went so far as to actually harness the energetic predecessors of that action: human consciousness. They cannot take our free will directly but they can break our perception down so much it can be easily manipulated.

Though I could go into detail about this psychological and spiritual warfare, the point in this article is less to dwell about this problem but to acknowledge it fully and ponder on pragmatic solutions at such a core level among those who seek to bring truth.

In the same way their political system is dependent upon our complacent participation, so too is their psychological system. This work is far more abstract but extremely potent in “glitching out their matrix”. There are many reasons to believe that their psychological power of manipulation is cracking and by being more self-aware as individuals we are already doing a large part of delegitimizing their violent control. The very act of recognizing it as illegitimate is a fertile grounds for change, for this is when we can start to contemplate better structures to out-compete the existing faulty ones. This is when they lose psychic energy, their main staple of control. We can create what we want to be real by recreating our own understanding of our reality, rather than accepting the illusion which has been embedded into us since we were born. To break free of the psychological manipulation of what our reality is may be the root of creating authentic freedom in our world, for our individual thoughts and emotions hold and produce not only important energy but all of the decisions we act on every day. To see the big picture is to apply this on a collective scale.

For generations there has been quite a monopoly on molding the collective perception and existential experience. Yet, we are entering a new age of decentralization which presents those with integrity a grand opportunity to shine their own light in the grand darkness. To reiterate, the affairs of humanity come down to the integrity of the individuals.

That being said, be assured this work is not trivial but the most meaningful work there is; it inspires strength and wisdom in the hearts of humanity. It is cultivating light out of the darkness. This is an archaic struggle for freedom and peace we are working towards and whether it happens in our lifetime or our childrens, it is truly meaningful and divine work for those who feel called to it.

And so it is that we can come to see the importance of every individual in the grand scheme of humanity. We can understand the gravity we hold and the courage in living a conscious life of self-discovery, for we lead more by example than anything. It is often discouraging to look at the state of humanity as a meager individual, but your responsibility isn’t to save the whole world as much as it is to carry your individual burden and transform it into light that will produce more ripples than you can know.

For those who seek solutions, whether it be in economics, technology, the environment, education, politics, etc., whatever your individual calling may be, self-discovery is not an important element but a fundamental one for bringing about the vision of freedom and peace.


Thanks for listening!

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