where am i to go now?
i have glimpsed the interface
of the divine.

i have lived
in this mortal shell
the eternal and the higher.

it is no longer a seeking of you
but a question of
what can i do, for you?
what am i to do, as a human
on this earth?

how am i to find an equilibrium in this ship i sail
on the high waves
between bottomless sea and endless sky?
between the depths of my mortality and the heights of my spirit?
and where am i going, if anywhere?

too many questions i ask i suppose.
for the place i ask is very different from my thinking
from my anticipation
to get to my destination
on a never-ending journey.

i ask, and i receive.
yet what is this new thing i find?
that not knowing created an inexhaustible and defiant search for you
and knowing ceases this kind of search
it has stopped my linear path in its tracks
to find endless trails fractaling out about me,
in every which way.

where is my center?
where do i go?
how can i have patience?
why am i so wired for an anxious seeking
of enlightenment?


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