i see you,
you most dreadful worm.
i must learn to live with you.

you are the part of my I
that shows no mercy
to my mortal soul.

i suppose you are to teach me something;
a bitter desert
to swallow.

i must accept you
difficult son of earth,
and the power you hold over me.

what happenings had to be for me to acquire you?
you spirit of the depths
of this collective consciousness.

what is to be lived out
for me to shed
the fear you ignite
in my soul?

and they think the spirit of the times is bad.

surely, an inferno you are.
a ruthless teacher.
it must be.

i can only accept your burden
for what it is
(i’m learning)

i can only go through it
to get out
to transcend
to understand
the energy
behind you
and your venom.

what do you seek from me?

The Shadow Self

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