Of the infinite beliefs I entertain, there is but one conviction of reality I currently hold as a truth.
And that is: it is what it is.

Indeed it is what it is, because even if it isn’t.. then it is. It always has been, it always will be. Never will it not be what it is (or is not).

The nature of what is, is not for me to decide or even know.. though often in humble curiosity I do ponder its complexities.

Needing no expectations or attachment to what is, liberates me to explore the realms of spirit and earth quite freely.

Surrendering to what is; fully accepting the impermanence of all that is, is to lose yourself.
To lose yourself in this life is to find your Self,
because all is lost.
Yet, nothing is ever truly lost.
So to lose yourself, is to gain your Self.

Only when you realize you are a Being going nowhere, with nothing, do you begin to awaken to what is.

Remember existence?

Some call it the paradox of self-denial, some call it life after death: this universal experience of giving in to what is, entirely releasing the anxious grasp on your life, and realizing you can never truly surrender to the constant oscillations of life… only in that moment, to find your complete and utter surrender to it.

It is the paradox that only when the human can surrender to life, by realizing he cannot surrender, can the human truly live.

Only when the human can entirely vanquish this obsessive need to be in control of what is, with love, can the human actually have control over the Self.

However, it is power that permeates from the inside out; Being just as nature around us is innately: liberation.

One that attaches conjectures to what is, what ‘should be’, what is worst or best, what is good or bad, is one that is surely going to suffer.
A needless suffering, because to wish what is was not, is in vain.
One cannot change what it is, one rather must adjust to its accord.
But perhaps this struggle is not in vain,
for one must go through many lessons
that are found in the harsh class of it is what it is;
one must work hard
and feel hard,
to escape this inborn inclination of wanting
to be in control of the waves of the ocean
or the motion of terrestrial bodies.

Yet, there will never be control in what is
until one knows oneself.
Knowing the Self enough to again
recall the essence of fleeting existence,
the power of individual experience,
and indeed how perfect it all is.

River Life
So let us LIVE, and be grateful!

2 thoughts on “The Paradox of Self-Denial

  1. How very Stoic of you. 😀

    Seriously, though, there was about equal parts determinism and mysticism in there, which I don’t mind necessarily, despite the fact that I disagree with it. Personally, I think Sarte’s notion of “radical freedom” was more accurate in the sense that each individual is absolutely responsible for their own actions, and perhaps even those choices they make while being coerced (at least, somewhat responsible; making hard decisions, if you will). Therefore, there’s really no good reason to dabble in existentialism, because of the all too common circular reasoning existentialists typically make, even to the point of entertaining nihilism.

    Although I appreciate the Stoics trying to reduce human suffering through encouraging serenity through not getting emotionally riled up (either positively or negatively), I think doing so makes going through the human experience, such as it is, not worth living. Then again, that’s my own subjective valuation of the topic, so if you see a flaw or fallacy in my reasoning here, please don’t hesitate to point it out.

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    1. Interesting. I am not too familiar with the Stoics, to be honest. I agree in a sense though, that it is good to dance the dance of life, feel the emotions fully, be passionate, etc. And I didn’t so much mean not feeling the emotions to the full extent, but letting yourself feel them to the full extent while completely accepting that this constant oscillation (positive or negative) is just the nature of life (at least in this reality). To paraphrase Bruce Lee.. being like water. So in fact, it isn’t letting go of having emotions, but conversely it is letting go of the RESISTANCE to having emotions. The resistance one has towards feeling emotions often brings about more suffering (and interestingly a new field of emotions) than the original emotions themselves. Nonetheless, feelings and emotions are very beautiful things indeed to have and ponder on.

      It is a weird paradox, truly. Because it is living life with a foundation of detachment to all external things.. yet, in my experience, this foundation of detachment allows me to appreciate these external things to the fullest capacity I ever have (so far in my experience :P). Maybe because it relieves the pressure of the ego-mind that wants everything to be just so, and accepting fully that everything will arise and pass, and learning to just accept and appreciate every present moment of what IS. More than anything, I am just fascinated by individual experience and the observations made about the chaotic weirdness that is existence 🙂

      Another (perhaps seemingly paradoxical) point is that when I wrote this I think it was the opposite of determinism I was feeling. While it may seem that way in the sense of fully accepting it is what it is with no resistance.. it is with this attitude where (after accepting it) I can fully use my energy to build the new, the create my reality the way I best want it. It is when I no longer attach expectations to the outcomes that I am able to move forward with full force.. as it is more as play, than anything else.

      Thank you for your comments nevertheless, bringing interesting thoughts and ideas to the table! 🙂


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