Hello everyone!

It is with much excitement and gratitude to announce I will be collaborating with the Conscious Resistance Network!

Watch the video for all the information on my goals towards presenting conscious content towards individual and worldly solutions. I plan on making a video every week, in addition to articles and essays on the website.

Thank you for watching. 🙂



One thought on “Exciting News: I Will be Joining the Conscious Resistance Team!

  1. Definitely one of the better introductions I’ve watched on TCR. Nice job, Keely.

    I thought your observation about blind compassion being just as destructive as blind hatred was spot on. Whether it be one of the “nicer” SJWs or a political crusader [ http://vonupodcast.com/5/ ], the tyranny of good intentions is still present and active today.

    Also, as a further clarification upon my earlier comment today about that one article of yours, I’m not adverse to spirituality, necessarily. I’ve done podcasts with Alex Ansary, who does give spiritual commentary on world events as well as the human experience.

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