It is interesting to think about how WEAK a government is.

There is an illusion that government is a strong force; that it is so mighty and powerful it cannot be reckoned with. Many believe that there is no way to beat it, it is what it is, and we are subjects who can only hope, vote, and pray that it improves.

The government is indeed a strong force, not because it is inherently so, but because we give so much of our energy to this system on a conscious and subconscious level.

I want to make a point of how actually FRAGILE and WEAK the State is, despite their illusion of limitless power. The State is so weak that it is completely dependent on the dumbing down of its subjects. It is so fragile that it relies on annihilating freedom, thwarting creativity, and operates solely on the use of FORCE to exist. The state is petrified of its citizens.

An extreme case, for example, is North Korea. A state that is so afraid of its people that it limits the very kind of haircuts they are allowed to have. It is so frightened of what humans are capable of that it severs any type of art, independence, self-expression, and freedom from ever even registering into the minds of its citizens. It THRIVES on fear, because without fear it is NOTHING.

That being said, it isn’t hard to bend and break the system (or better, build anew) just by cultivating the very things it tries to suppress. It doesn’t necessarily take a revolutionary. It takes thriving individuals who are brave enough to BE FREE, to create, to seek independence, to better themselves, to unplug from the cultural engineering and be authentic. The greatest rebellion is perhaps to let go of this paralyzing fear.

In this age of internet, everything is decentralizing, balkanizing, fractaling out into complex arrays on its own. From media to education, these new tools give individuals more variety and power to be independent in their choices. The violence and destruction the government perpetuates is only a catalyst to this inevitable decentralization. Power WANTS to be decentralized; it’s as if the Ring of Power WANTS to be cast into the fire of Mordor, even if the elitists resist it like little Gollums. It is that time, with the vast potential of conscious evolution on the horizon, for governments to be very, very threatened.

All of the power the government has is because people voluntarily give their energy to this system, even if it is through involuntary acts and manipulation. It is important to be very conscious of how you are spending your energy… particularly at this point in time, as it is worth so much. Rather than wasting your time fighting the old (or entertaining it at all), build the NEW. The government is only as strong as the belief in its strength as legitimate authority by the people. It is very feeble because it is dependent on the citizen’s fear and ignorance (hence, why it perpetuates these qualities so much).

Being the best person you can be as an individual is perhaps the most frightening revolt against the government, even more frightening than the tax revolt. As much as the government needs and expects your money to fund their institution, more than anything it depends on your fear and obedience to give it its power.

I am amazed at how powerful the individual is, especially when they can come together to collaborate. How wonderful it is that best thing you can do for yourself as an individual and the collective alike is to let go of fear and begin cultivating consciousness.

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One thought on “The Achilles Heel of Government

  1. Keely,

    You’re correct in saying that the Achilles’ heel of the State is fear. Closely related to that is one’s “consent to be governed,” as the minarchists describe it. Obviously, anyone who refuses consent is fearless, which is something I blogged about years ago.

    I think the step after dropping one’s fear would be strategic withdrawal. This is largely the basis behind voluntaryism (which is the real libertarianism, not the partyarchy of the anti-libertarian LP), and several methods are available, one of which is cancelling your voter registration (I did mine back in 2013, and the newest one I’m aware of cancelled his earlier this month in Virginia, so each of us have revoked our consent to be governed, at least to the extent the State will legally allow us to).

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