You will never see it coming
when it happens.

The nature of life
is vibrating and
always changing.

When it happens
(whatever it is)
remember to
stand amazed
at the vast spectrum
of hard truths
to be experienced
in one life.

When it happens
be prepared to lay on
hot coals and fields of lavender
Moving through time
we experience
relentless oscillation:

I have yet to see what has been learned here.




2 thoughts on “Don’t worry

  1. Quite chilling, in one sense, when you mention “hard truths” and “hot coals,” especially considering that you put this up on the one year anniversary of LaVoy Finicum’s death, whom I have transcribed all of his videos on my blog, so people can read what he actually said and believed (obviously, I disagree with him about some things, but at least I now know why he was the way he was). I guess the unexpectedness of how was killed on camera is one of life’s surprises, isn’t it?

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