It is amazing to love yourself.
To feel a sting of pain and loneliness
The deep kind.
A needing longing –
That shakes your being
To realize that we are alone in this world.
But we are not alone in the world.
We are with self.
There is a presence
that never leaves.

I AM here
How easily you forget,
silly creature.

Your FULL AWARENESS that is often so divided
between many worldly things.

Try not to forget me…


One thought on “Try not to forget me

  1. Your poetry is better than mine; here is one of mine from 2 years ago:


    There are no wars, there is no income tax

    There is no drug prohibition, there are no corporations

    There is no central bank, there are no police

    There is no bureaucracy, there are no courts

    No one is outlawed, nothing is banned

    There are no licenses, there are no permits

    There are no taxes, there is no citizenship

    There is no social contract, there is no government

    If you want to be free, then you must realize the truth

    That there are only criminals and their victims

    So, why are you obeying criminals, again?

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