The world of Word Press is more than new to me, and I expect there to be a lot of construction going on here before this site has reached an acceptable point.

That being said, this is my way of venturing out of the ways of classic social media into something more creative and resourceful. Lately, I have been thinking about my habits of social media.

I am one who tries to utilize social media (namely Facebook) for practical purposes:  connecting with loved ones, marketing my businesses, networking with people who have similar interests and ideas, etc. It indeed has proved useful in these feats, but I began to question if it was actually doing more harm than good. Interestingly, there is an abundance of research showing that social media is directly correlated with anxiety and depression. It also has been found to have detrimental long-term effects on one’s ability to focus.

Mindlessly glossing through Facebook is like walking through a room of people shouting random thoughts out loud. Trying to leave Facebook is comparable to trying to leave an over-obsessive, clingy girlfriend. Facebook profits solely off of absorbing your attention and consuming your data. Just like any other social media, they are always coming up with new methods to guzzle even more of your energy.

The last thread that kept me hanging on Facebook was the ability to have a platform to market my ideas and network with others, until it dawned on me: a five year old kid can make a social media account. In fact, nearly anyone can… therefore, such a strategy is not very valuable to the market. It was then I decided to forge out a more innovative path; I am on a quest to utilize the less realized tools of the world wide web to spread my ideas, network with others, and carve out my own presence in this humble corner of the internet. I am nothing short of optimistic at the new implements I have already found to cultivate and share my message, without the blood sucking tendencies that plague social media. Beyond that, I am exhilarated to connect with you and hope to receive some great feedback.

Goodbye Facebook, it’s been fun. May you never eat my data again.

With Love,






One thought on “Goodbye Facebook, May You Never Eat My Data Again

  1. I love your comparison of Fascistbook as “an over-obsessive, clingy girlfriend” – it reminds me of how IdiotTube really is the jerk boyfriend who thinks by insulting you, he’s endearing himself to you. 🙂

    I’m surprised to hear you say that the costs of using Fascistbook in terms of one’s health outweighs the benefits of using it to market your businesses. My initial impression of FB is that said marketing is the only good use of it, having occasionally used it for “political” purposes (bad idea!).

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